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If you're in the market to treat yo' self this holiday season or need a super special surprise for a loved one, customize a hidden message necklace and the letters of your choosing will become a little personalized secret. The initials can only be seen from the bottom of the bars!

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Ice your ears or the lobes of someone you love with these sparkly alphabet earrings. You can even mismatch the pair to make initials or pick your favorite letter and go samesies on each side.

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You know how it goes: If you like it, you should put a ring on it. An initial ring, that is.

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Who needs all 12 time ticks? One can certainly be spared in lieu of a gilded initial for a monogrammed watch that makes for trendy time telling.

Monogrammed Garland Ring Dish , $10, Anthropologie

Obviously, both you and the recipients of your fabulously monogrammed gifts need a place to keep all that customized bling. It is only appropriate that the corresponding jewelry dish be initialed too.

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They say it is better to give than to receive, but when it comes to tiny pouches that boast lurex-embroidered letters and leather tassels, the "one for you, one for me" rule must be instated.

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Now your letter should of changed to that font.

See that box that surrounds your letter? Look at the bottom left of that box to a symbol that looks like a lock. Click on it once and your lock should have been unlocked so now you have free range to size this letter to whatever size you want. Remember the last name initial always goes in the middle and is larger than the two letters on the side of it.

Now go back to the add text button and click and type in caps the first name initial. As you can see you don’t have to go and edit the font because it already comes up in the correct font.

Now you just have to unlock the sizing button and size it smaller compared to the larger last name initial.

The easiest way to get equal sizing for the next letter, which is the middle name initial is to select that letter you just created and go to the top of the screen and click on copy and then paste.

To change the letter to the correct letter, you should see a faint + in the middle of the letter. Double click on that and a text box should pop up. Just delete the previous letter and add the new one.

Now move your new letter to the opposite side of the larger letter. Be sure to look at your grid and make sure both smaller letter are aligned with each other.

Seems like that is it, right? Nope not quite. If you were to send this to cut right now you would see the letters not connected how you saw on the previous screen.

For a monogram you’re going to want to use the welding option. Welding is basically how it sounds. When you weld something with a welder you are permanently attaching them together. Usually always two metal pieces. So that’s exactly what welding does in cricut design space. You are permanently attaching different pieces.

To do this you want to click on one of the letters. After doing that hold down your control button and keep holding that button down while you take your mouse and click on all of the other letters. Once they are all highlighted at the same time go to the right side of your screen and click on the weld button.

Just like that they are all attached and will print all together. Now your monogram is ready to cut.

A quick reminder if you are using this design on any heat transfer vinyl for such as any clothing item DO NOT FORGET to click the mirror image (iron on ) block after you send it to print. If you don’t when you iron or heat press it on the item you are making it will not be correct. Now if you are using this monogram for paper items or sticker vinyl do not click the mirror image button.

And that is it. You are ready to go monogram crazy. You can make monograms in any size you choose.

Now go get crafty!

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Cheryl Maas

Simona Meiler (Switzerland, snowboarding): Meiler will be representing Switzerland in her third Olympics. She said that being openly gay has allowed her to compete without added stress. “[Athletes] have to be ready to give everything and perform wholeheartedly, and in my eyes that’s only possible if they can accept and express their sexuality,” she said. “That doesn’t mean they have to blare out that they are gay. But it definitely helps if an athlete’s closer environment is supportive and encouraging.”Social media: Instagram

Simona Meiler

Kim Meylemans (Belgium, skeleton): Said fellow Belgian, skaterJorik Hendrickx, about the three out Olympians from that country: “Sophie [Vercruyssen] Kim and I have not had any inconvenience about [being out]. At the opening ceremony we joked about making a rainbow picture. If you don’t make a [coming out] statement like me, it doesn’t mean that you are ashamed or afraid or that you are not proud about it.”Social media: Cheap Sale Inexpensive Mens Mens Kaiwa Sneakers Yohji Yamamoto Outlet Popular Footlocker Pictures For Sale RpTmtxSO

Kim Meylemans

Sarka Pancochova (Czech Republic, snowboarding): This is the third Olympics for Pancochova and her first as an openly LGBT athlete. In an interview for Outsports with journalist Gretchen Pleshaw , she talked about not having to hide any more and how “stoked” she is to be out.Social media: Instagram

Sarka Pancochova

Eric Radford (Canada, pairs figure skating): This is the second Olympics for Radford, who has won world titles with skating partner Meagan Duhamel, but the first since coming out openly. In his coming out interview with Outsports , he highlighted one benefit of being a male pairs skater who is gay. “A lot of pairs end up dating one another,” Radford said. “It can become risky because your on-ice training can be affected by your off-ice relationship. If you have a fight at home, it makes that training difficult. I used to joke around that I’m the ultimate pair-boy. I never had to worry about developing an off-ice relationship.” Radford is engaged to be married .Social media: Instagram , Twitter

Eric Radford

Adam Rippon (U.S., figure skating): The “old man” of the U.S. skating team at 28, Rippon jokes that he is proud of his “sons” Nathan Chen (18) and Vincent Zhou (17). Rippon came out in 2015 and proudly wears the banner of being the first publicly gay figure skater. His social media is acerbic and witty and must-follow.Social media: Outlet Real Sale Great Deals 810e5l000 Womens Oxfords Bullboxer Low Price Fee Shipping For Sale nE9kWo82P8
, Twitter

Adam Rippon

Sophie Vercruyssen (Belgium, bobsled): “My relationship has not been secret for the past five years, so you can not call this a coming-out,” Vercruyssen said to the website ZiZo . Social media: Instagram

I am a member of the Machine Learning group of the Cambridge University Engineering Department, led by Zoubin Ghahramani .

My research interests lie in probabilistic machine learning, an approach to machine learning in which correct modelling of uncertainty is important. This plays a role in obtaining an estimate of "error bars" in predictions, i.e. evaluating predictive uncertainty, or in active learning, where the exploration/ exploitation trade-off is influenced by how much uncertainty can be removed by exploring a new portion of the search space. More specifically, I work with non-parametric Bayesian models, such as the infinite HMM (a Dirichlet process based model) or the Gaussian process. My thesis is on "Non-parametric Bayesian models for structured output prediction": I apply these models to structured data such as chains or grids to carry out structured classification, for which an example task is part-of-speech tagging on a sequence of words: each tag depends on neighbour tags and words.

I am interested in applications to natural language processing, speech recognition, dialogue systems.

I received my “Ingénieur” degree from Ecole Centrale Paris , and an MPhil in Computer Speech and Language Processing from the University of Cambridge in 2001. I have been working in the speech industry ever since, and started my PhD on a part-time basis in 2009. More information on my career, past and present, is available on Sale Discount Clearance Genuine Emily 85 satin sandals Jimmy Choo London Great Deals For Sale Discount Pay With Paypal Free Shipping 100% Authentic yCZDIDgmhT

July 2017: I have just joined New Style Sweater for Men Jumper On Sale Ronnie navy Cotton 2017 L M S Golden Goose Many Colors Buy Cheap Popular c4oD2
on Pi Campus (venture fund and startup district) as Director of AI. I'm opening a School of AI inside Pi School this Fall.

April 2017: At long last, I have submitted my thesis !

October 2014: Our work (Bratières, Quadrianto, Ghahramani) on GPstruct has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI). This is a reworked version of our arXiv preprint. TPAMI Final draft .

August 2014: The source code for GPstruct, pygpstruct , is online. .

June 2014: Our work (jointly with Novi Quadrianto, Sebastian Nowozin and Zoubin Ghahramani) on GPstruct applied to images will be presented at ICML 2014 .

July 2013: Our work (jointly with Novi Quadrianto and Zoubin Ghahramani) on GPstruct is presented in an Brandon boots Black Jimmy Choo London Outlet Cheapest Price Free Shipping 100% Original Sale Amazing Price Lowest Price JCzNKqF

September 2010: I received another AWS in Education Research Grant for my project A large-scale infinite HMM trained on raw text . This grant comes as a credit towards Amazon Web Services, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

August 2010: I have just been awarded the Yahoo! Key Scientfic Challenge Award in the machine learning area. Here is the press release .

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