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Circle Monogram features block letters that don’t touch. It’s a more modern look and feel.

We have two-letter monograms, such as Dorset. The strokes overlap. It’s hard to tell one letter from another. For these reasons, Dorset might fall into the category of a true monogram, even though it’s only two letters.

Dorset two-letter monogram includes letters that overlap and are more difficult to read. Here is a T and an H.

And, giftsin24 also featuresthree-letter monograms where letters thread through one another.

Classic Monogram features script letters that overlap in a more traditional feel.

So there, you have it…some food for thought about the exciting world of monograms. Are you ready for your next cocktail party? Tune in next time when we explore the modern uses and meanings of monograms.


Nancy Sharon Collins. The Complete Engraver: Monograms, Crests, Ciphers, Seals, and the Etiquette of Social Stationery. Princeton Architectural Press, 2012 .

J. O’Kane. An Encyclopedia of Monograms. Originally published in 1884.Reprinted by Dover Publishing in 2003.

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18th January 2017, 11:26 am

In our previous blog , we explored the ancient history of the monogram. We saw thatfor centuries, people used monograms widely – on everything from coins to letters to homes and pottery. But people really went crazy for the monogram during the Victorian Era (1837-1901). In fact, one writer of the day called the art of collecting monograms an “epidemic” and named the monogram’s most ardent fans “monogramaniacs.”

Our Whitlock Monogram is based on a popular Victorian motif.

What was going on? The Industrial Revolution ushered in a new middle class of factory owners, bankers, railroad managers, insurance agents, merchantsand all the salaried professionals who helped run these businesses, as well as new ranks of civil servants, teachers, doctors and lawyers, according to Donna Loftus, author of “The Rise of the Victorian Middle Class.” Millions of people now had disposable income, and they desired some of the comforts of the upper classes. They began purchasing household goods as well as clothing, watches and jewelry, which the new economy had made more plentiful and affordable than ever before.

At the same time, the idea of celebrity tookon power in popular culture. People began collecting crests and monograms of the rich and famous, according to Nancy Sharon Collins, author of The Complete Engraver.

Queen Victoria’s Monogram went through many iterations. Here is a simple one.

Enthusiasts created albums of their most prized monograms, marks and seals. In this age of avid letter writing, “coats of arms or monograms from famous families, politicians, opera stars, or members of the theater were particularly coveted and displayed,” writes Collins.

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Choreographers put movement to stories, emotions and ideas. "It's not lost on me that I'm in a career where people clap for me," says Andy Blankenbuehler, the choreographer for the buzzy Broadway show "Hamilton." In other occupations, a job well-done might earn you a pat on the back, a verbal "great job" from an affirming boss or sometimes even a raise. When choreographers really nail the ballet, hip hop, tap and other movement for a show or performance, they get standing ovations. "There's a great responsibility to making something out of nothing," Blankenbuehler says. "There's often a great amount of pressure. Hopefully thousands of people will love it, hopefully it'll keep the dancers employed for a long time and hopefully it'll stay open, but sometimes I can't come up with ideas and I'm laboring it out." He also says that the sheer physicality of a choreographer's job can be challenging, but he says it's really an incredible job. "It's emotionally rewarding when you get it right ... to see the audience laugh or cry, it's really, really rewarding." Interest in dance and choreography is diversifying across other platforms such as television, theme parks and casinos, which should create jobs for choreographers. Dancing is also popular in pop culture, and this enthusiasm is expected to attract more students to dance schools, who will require the services of choreographers as teachers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that this profession will grow by 3 percent from 2016 to 2026, which should shake out into 200 new choreography jobs.

$48,240 Median Salary
11.4% Unemployment Rate
200 Number of Jobs

Choreographers rank #4 in Best Creative Media Jobs . Jobs are ranked according to their ability to offer an elusive mix of factors. Read more about Womens Colourblock High Neck Sweatshirt New Look Cheap Sale Wholesale Price sN0NSb0

#4 in Best Creative Media Jobs




Job Market
Future Growth
Work Life Balance

Choreographers made a median salary of $48,240 in 2016. The highest-paid 10 percent made $94,400 that year, while the lowest-paid 10 percent earned $21,520.

75th Percentile : $69,430

$69,430 Do Cats Show Up In Your Dreams?

Of course some people perceive the presence of cats in their dreams as bad omens, others believe that the cat represents your feminine essence and sensuality. These dreams may be a reminder to let your inner mischievous and mysterious nature shine through. If a black cat shows up, this is a message to pay attention to what your intuition is telling you. The Ancient Egyptians believed that cats could travel between dimensions, so it would not be that strange to see a black cat in your dream with a message for you.

It seems as if there has been an heir of mystery and wonder around black cats since their relationships with humans began. I believe they are just as special as any other cat and my boy, Salem, just happens to be the friendliest cat I’ve ever met, he crosses my path on a regular basis and as far as I know, I’m doing just fine! Perhaps these superstitions are what you make them.

Much Love

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We interviewed David about what is happening within the cabal and disclosure. He shared some incredible insight that is insanely relevant to today.

So far, the response to this interview has been off the charts as people are calling it the most concise update of what's happening in our world today.

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9 hours ago


July 19, 2018


Arjun Walia

A longtime NSA official William Binney shares why the Russian hacking story is full of flaws and lies, and why the NSA is really 'spying' on people.

Why does the United States have a long history of blaming another country with completely false allegations? In this case, it's because the establishment really wanted Hillary Clinton to win so they could continue with their agenda.

Hearing about all of this Russian hacking, Trump, and politics, in general, these days seems to be like eating the same type of food every night, you literally get sick of it. This begs the question, should we even pay attention to it? Of course, we should, the political realm and the corporate stranglehold over it (and above that sit the financial elite) are taking advantage of us because WE are the ones that allow this entire charade to continue. It would be the same thing as not paying attention to the fact that pharmaceutical drugs are killing many people. There are many examples. To simply ignore it allows those ridden with the disease of power to keep taking advantageof us. One thing is for sure, our so-called“leaders” don’t seem to care. Sure, they gather at summits every year to supposedly discuss solutions to the global problems, but solutions have been in existence for decades and nothing seems to happen. This alone should make every single person question what’s really going on behind the scenes because nothing seems to really make any sense at all.

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Report Courts
September 28, 2017 28 min read Download Report
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Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow
Hans von Spakovsky is an authority on a wide range of issues – including civil rights, civil justice, the First Amendment, immigration.


The federal appellate courts hear thousands of immigration appeals every year, and they represent an overwhelming majority of the administrative agency appeals filed in the federal courts. No constitutional mandate requires that illegal aliens have access to Article III federal courts to contest removal and deportation determinations. In fact, the due-process procedures authorized by Congress and provided in the federal administrative immigration court system go much further than is required under the constitutional baseline laid down by the Supreme Court for aliens who are already present in the U.S.

Key Takeaways

Meritless appeals by aliens of their removal orders to federal appellate courts interfere with determinations delegated by Congress to the executive branch.

Congress should eliminate the ability of aliens to contest the decisions made by the immigration court system.

Aliens should also pay the same fees and court costs all private plaintiffs incur in civil litigation; taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize these costs.

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Introduction: The Administrative Immigration Court System

There is probably no area over which federal jurisdiction is as complete as immigration. The Constitution provides Congress with full authority to “establish a uniform rule of Naturalization.” 1

U.S. Const. art. 1, § 8, cl. 4.

Chirac v. Lessee of Chirac, 15 U.S. (2 Wheat.) 259 (1817).

Through the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, Congress established an administrative immigration court system. It is run by the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) at the U.S. Department of Justice. 3

48 Fed. Reg. 8,038 (Feb. 25, 1983).

, Exec. Office for Immigration Rev., U.S. Dept. of Justice, https://www.justice.gov/eoir/evolution-pre-1983 . The illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act of 1996 implemented a comprehensive revision of EOIR procedures, including combining deportation and exclusion proceedings into a single proceeding called a “removal proceeding.” , Exec. Office for Immigration Rev., U.S. Dept. of Justice, balloonsleeve jumper Red Erika Cavallini Semi Couture Discounts opclW6K5e

, U.S. Dept. of Justice, https://www.justice.gov/eoir/eoir-immigration-court-listing .

The decisions of the immigration trial courts are final unless appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), an administrative appeals court within the EOIR. The majority of the cases appealed to the BIA involve reviewing orders of removal. But it also hears cases involving the “exclusion of aliens applying for admission to the United States, petitions to classify the status of alien relatives for the issuance of preference immigrant visas, fines imposed…for the violation of immigration laws, and motions for reopening and reconsideration of decisions previously rendered.” 6


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