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The Byrum Innovation Group, Inc.
, positions innovative companies for value and success and also sensitively manages corporate and individual reputations.

For small-to-medium-sized companies, the Byrum Innovation Group creates strategic positioning to succeed in circumstances like a new marketplace, expansion of marketshare or attraction of investors. For established companies and financial-services institutions, challenged by reputation or complex regulatory matters, the Byrum Innovation Group creates strategic positioning as a uniform platform of reputation management and messaging that helps regain or grow stakeholder trust. BIG, Inc., in particular has an extensive practice in banking that helps financial institutions weather turbulent economic times.

After developing a well-defined and -targeted positioning, BIG, Inc.,  uses a variety of tactical tools -- marketing communications; public, regulatory and key influencer relations; communications consulting; and excellence in execution -- and multiple channels to help maximize product, service and financial market successes. BIG, located in Greenville, South Carolina, brings Silicon Valley success to the Southeast Innovation Corridor with results-oriented marketing, reputation management and corporate/financial communications solutions that create leaders in the minds of key audiences and position companies, products and services for maximum value and business success.

BIG has more high-tech public relations, technology marketing communications and more Silicon Valley experiences than any other marketing and communications in the Southeast, with experiences, honed by successes at both Fortune 100 and dozens of Silicon Valley start-up companies. LEARN MORE